Key Benefits of Essentrics

Essentrics has so many amazing benefits!

Body Shaping

  •  Waist definition
  •  Toned arms
  •  Slender quads and inner and outer thighs
  •  Firm and lifted butt
  •  Flat abdominals
  •  Improved posture
  •  Weight and inches lost
  •  Smiles from having a healthy, vibrant body!

Injury and illness prevention

  •  Increases full body flexibility
  •  Strengthens the spine and core
  •  Helps to prevent back pain
  •  Improves agility and speed for sports


  •  Unlocks tight muscles and joints
  •  Creates a youthful, limber, liberated feeling body
  •  Strengthens balance and proprioception
  •  Improves overall sense of wellbeing


  •  Helps relieve joint pain
  •  Helps to strengthen and treat back pain
  •  Speeds-up recovery time through increased blood flow
  •  Smooth, gentle movements able to be done in early recovery

Sports Training

  •  Improves agility and speed for sports
  •  Injury prevention
  •  Speeds-up recovery if an injury occurs
  •  Adopted by NHL players, Olympic medalists and other professional athletes

My ABSOLUTE favourite part of Essentrics is…

The fact that it can be done mostly standing with little to no equipment. Just the simple and strategic placement of your body can provide you the widest range of possibility to transform the shape, wellness, health and performance of this magical vessel known as YOUR body. Take care of that vessel, because the world needs you to continue to do amazing things!!!

– Sabrina,
Certified Instructor

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