Should Kids Receive Massage Therapy Treatments?

Recently, I’ve been asked by a few clients, who have been receiving regular  massage therapy treatments, “should my son/daughter be receiving massage therapy?”. No matter the age of the child, my answer is always ‘yes’. Between sitting in desks for 6+ hours a day at school, to having after school activities a few times a week, your kids need massage therapy treatments to keep their bodies moving and healthy.

When your kids are sitting in school, let’s assume that not all of them have the best posture while stuck in those small metal desks, and who can blame them? While recess is a great time for kids to take a brain break and be active, their muscles still might need some extra work. Between learning how to read, write, and everything else in the classroom, issues with low back pain and tight shoulder/neck muscles can lead to headaches. This posture combined with all the technology that’s available to kids nowadays is just asking for muscle tension issues; it’s comparable to adults sitting at their desk jobs for 8+ hours a day.

Even though kids can lead a sedentary life-style when at school, this is usually made up for by a mixture of after school activities. Dance, hockey, soccer, ball, etc. are all great sports/activities for kids while going through major developmental stages in their life. It helps with creating balance, healthy muscle mass, managing weight control, and can even be used as a form of meditation. It’s also important for kids to learn to take responsibility for their bodies at a young age by learning how to stretch, properly hydrate, and ball/foam roll to prevent injuries. With that being said, receiving a massage treatment is never a bad idea for a child who skates, dances or performs in any type of sport multiple times a week. Repetitive movements can make muscles tighten up and become stubborn. Think of massage therapy as another tool in the tool box, along with stretching and rolling.

When thinking of booking a massage therapy treatment for your child, ask your Registered Massage Therapist! Together, everyone can create a treatment plan that works best with your child’s body (and schedule).

Yours in Health,

Stephanie Taylor, RMT