LEAD Pilates … changing bodies … changing lives!

Hey fellow Pilates enthusiasts!  I invite you to join me on my life changing journey from Frumpy to Fit. Pilates has all but cured my planter fasciitis and my chronic shoulder injury (from high school racket sports).  I am curious whether, with the right focus, this “magic pill” can aid my weight loss journey?

My son graduated from high school this year.  I can no longer use the “baby-weight” excuse.  Its time to get real with myself, and hold myself accountable.  Here is my plan:  #1.  Weight-watchers online.   #2.  A full-fitness assessment from Lead Pilates very own Carly.  #3.  Lead Pilates classes 3 times per week.   #4.  Interval training 2 times per week.  #5.  Accountability through regular weigh-ins and future fitness assessments.

I’ll keep you posted! The goal:   60 pounds … 6 months … 78 Lead Pilates classes.

Getting Fit at Lead Pilates