Lead Pilates Client Success Story: Guest Blogger Part 2

Here is another post from our guest blogger. She has been chronicling her journey to choose to invest in her health and wellness here at Lead. We love seeing our clients happy.
Yours in Pilates, Fitness, & Health,

I am a quiet person and mostly I keep to myself so I am not one of the extroverted people who stands out in a crowd or is remembered by most. So when I joined Lead I expected to come and go to classes and remain invisible, you know, just another one of the clients that attends classes. To my surprise, it wasn’t like that at all, since day one I have been often greeted by name by the ladies at the front desk as I arrive and exit the building, the instructors not only know my name but have followed up on aches and pains I’ve discussed with them also giving me excellent advice for stretching areas out.

The effort that is made to make clients feel supported and welcome has gone above and beyond my expectations. The other day I was in the middle of my jump class, laying on my side jumping and sweating facing the hallway, as an instructor I haven’t seen in a while walked down the hallway slowing down to wave and smile at me. There is a feeling of a ‘pilates family’ at Lead where everyone is included.

Thank you Lead Pilates and all the Leading Ladies for your positive energy, constant encouragement, warm welcome, and support! My journey in fitness is that much easier and pleasant. I can guarantee if you enter the building feeling tired and a little down you will leave feeling happier, more confident, and stronger because of these fantastic woman.

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