Lead Pilates Client Success Story: Guest Blogger Part 3

Here is the 3rd part of a series of blogs from our guest blogger. She discusses the commitment she makes to herself by choosing to invest in her health. Here at Lead we offer some great options for classes and times that work with your busy lifestyle and schedule and help you Love the Life You Lead.
Yours in Pilates, Fitness, & Health,

Signing up for one year of Pilates sessions was not an easy decision for me. It is a lot of money to commit to. After a lot of thought I decided there are too many reasons not to do it. Every month I challenge myself to attend 28 classes a month. I realized that I am worth the investment, I am worth doing something just for myself, something that makes me happy and that I enjoy doing in an environment where I am comfortable. If I can maintain four classes a month I am saving money compared to buying the packages and the benefits in my health go without saying. It also pushes me to strive for those 28 classes a month, this is an investment in me – my health, fitness, happiness, and quality of life.

At first I thought, 28 classes a month! That sounds like a lot, I’ll never get my money’s worth! Then, after looking at my schedule, for me, that is only three times a week. That is one or two classes on Monday, one or two classes on Wednesday and two or three classes on Saturday mornings. Four weeks, three times a week, and a great monetary rate for the variety of workouts I’m getting!!

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