Lead Pilates Client Success Story: Guest Blogger Part 4

Here is the 4th part of a series of blogs from our guest blogger. She discusses the changes she’s seen since starting Pilates last fall. She’s now been committed for almost a full year and has made pilates a way of life.
Yours in Pilates, Fitness, & Health,

Last September I not only started Pilates but I also started lessons in ballroom dancing and a few of the Latin dances. Another new activity that I absolutely love and because of my commitment to Pilates and a hand full of chiropractor appointments with Dr. Rikki, I can move my hips with ease and grace (I don’t know what it looks like to others but this is what it feels like to me on the dance floor). Besides being able to move my hips, my legs feel stronger and many thank-you’s to the leading ladies for all the ankle exercises we do in class – I am able to dance for three or four hours (in heels!!!) at a dance. A huge accomplishment for me! And FUN!!

Loosing body fat and defining muscle lines are my present goals. I am noticing muscle lines in my arms. I want them in my legs but I do see a change in my legs since starting in September. I have not lost weight according to the scale but I feel that I am less ‘jiggly’ if that makes sense. My focus in the next six months will be on what I eat while maintaining and working towards those 28 classes a month. I can’t wait to see more muscle lines!!

Today, I attended a morning class and went straight to work. Did you know Lead supplies a curling iron, deodorant, and hair spray for their clients’ use in the ladies change room? I really appreciate attention to detail like this. I noticed there are also personal hygiene products and hair bands in case anyone forgets theirs. Very nice touch Lead!