How Lead, A Revolution Revolutionized Me

If you are like me, calendar dates like New Year’s, Birthdays, First Day of the month, etc., are the Day 1’s to making some overhaul to a diet and fitness regime, except I always fail. I always step out only to quickly step back into my rut.

I started the Lead, A Revolution 2.0 a couple of weeks late and naturally decided on the 30-class commitment because I always opt for the biggest change because maybe this will be the one that works. I started strong and was making my 2 – 3 class attendance which is what I needed to achieve the challenge. As the weeks went by, I slowly started cancelling classes because work and family and sometimes just being lazy became the priority. As expected, by the time the last week rolled around, I had only completed 15 out of the 30 classes. I had mentally given up for weeks. Except, this time, something changed on Tuesday that final week. Instead of accepting my typical behavior of giving up and thus self-sabotage, I went for it. I was lucky to take a couple of days off work to do 3 to 6 classes a day and I managed to get 15 classes in from the Tuesday to the Saturday and complete the challenge!

You may wonder what changed? Well, my attitude changed. I decided to invest in myself and I chose to put myself ahead of everything for only those 15 hours and it was so worth it! My body felt amazing and still does after doing all different types of classes and by being exhilarated by the experience! I gained confidence from the accomplishment of completing the challenge as well as how my body responded. I even lost a couple pounds. It ignited my Pilates passion and showed me that you don’t need to invest a lot of time to take of yourself, you just must commit to taking care of yourself. I 100% believe that the mind gets to decide for the body and it is always best for both, the mind and the body, when the mind takes care of the body first.