LeadFest 2020: 180 minutes to a new you!!

Do you believe you can change the health and wellness of your body in 180 minutes?? We do. And on July 18, 2020, we will prove it! Changing the health and wellness of your body starts with becoming educated and learning more about what ails you! Offering high quality information communicated in a simple, understandable way is what we are all about.

Since we opened our doors, over 250,000 people have experienced the Lead advantage, and 250,000 people can’t be wrong! This is why you HAVE to join us on the afternoon of July 18 for LeadFest! We are making our 5th birthday celebration ALL ABOUT YOU! Join Lead team experts for our wellness festival that will change your life.

How will the afternoon work?

Our 3 hour event will be split into a welcome from Jana, our Founder, followed by four 30 minute break out sessions co-hosted by our fabulous Lead Team. Two break out sessions will be offered during each time slot so you can choose the session that is right for you! After the event our team will be hosting various Mixer rooms, so you can get to meet them and other wellness peeps just like you!!

LeadFest Break Out Sessions

The Art & Science of Relaxation – Session 1A – 1:45-2:15pm with Jenn & Tamela

50,000 – 75,000. This is the number of images and sounds that enter our eyes and ears in a day. We live in ‘fast forward’ mode but we are not built to have a high quality of life in this constant state of GO! Tamela, Reflexologist and BodyTalk expert and Jenn, Mental Health Counsellor will take you through an educational and experiential workshop on how to tap into our ability to chill out and live a happier, healthier life.

Join the Posture Revolution – Session 1B – 1:45-2:15pm with Dr. Rikki & Reed

Our bodies are made up of 206 bones and 360 joints. Many of our aches and pains, digestive issues, circulation issues and overall health is impacted by how we do (or in many cases do not) move these bones and joints appropriately. Join Dr. Rikki, DC and Reed, Fascial Stretch Specialist, as they teach you where you are living now with your 206 bones and 360 joints and where you can make small changes that will, over time, pay big dividends! Commit to your very own Posture Revolution!

Exploring the World of Headaches – Session 2A – 2:20-2:50pm with Dr. Lindsay & Desiree

Do you feel like somehow you are the ‘unlucky’ one who lives with headaches? Maybe you think it is hereditary because your mom also gets headaches. Maybe you chalk it up to stress in your life, not drinking enough water, not sleeping well, not exercising, the list goes on and on. Join Dr. Lindsay, DC and Desiree, Pilates Instructor to start to understand how you can implement some basic tools that will yield a big impact in your quality of life!

Happy Feet!! – Session 2B – 2:20-2:50pm with Samantha & Amanda

If you are looking for less low back, hip and knee discomfort you are in the right place! Common foot issues like plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, bunions, heel spurs wreak havoc on our body. Learn how posture is a MAJOR contributor to these foot issues and takeaway strategies that you can start immediately after this session. Samantha and Amanda will be leading you through this discussion from both a Physiotherapy and a Massage Therapy perspective. Get ready to dance up a storm with your new and improved Happy Feet!

The Gut Brain Connection – Session 3A 3-3:30pm with Dr. Willow ND & Dionne

Have you heard about the phenomenon known as the Gut-Brain Connection? Did you know that leaky gut and other digestive issues that are being linked to higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Did you know that your feet can tell us a lot about what is going on in your gut?? Join Dr. Willow ND and Dionne, Reflexology Specialist, you will be amazed at what you will learn!

Secrets to Optimizing Athletic Performance – Session 3B – 3-3:30pm with Morgan & Dr. Alex

If you have a goal to maximize the investment you make in training your body, to test it, see what it can manage, continually push its limits then this session is designed exactly for you. Dr. Alex, DC and Morgan, Massage Therapist will be leading you through the training secrets they have learned in their own experiences as a Collegiate Athlete (Dr. Alex) and someone who has lost over 100 pounds (Morgan). Injury prevention tips, mindset tricks and training strategies will be covered.

Shoulder (not so) Basics – Session 4A – 3:35-4:05pm with Inna & Dr. Thomas

Do you live in a constant state of upper back and neck tension, or maybe you have intermittent numbness in your fingers or cold hands? Did you know that these issues can very likely be caused by your shoulders? The shoulder is such a complex joint. Dr Thomas, DC and Inna, Pilates Instructor will help you understand how your posture, old injuries, and our movement habits can create so much disorganization and discomfort in our lives.

The Power of Pilates Workout – Session 4B – 3:35-4:05pm with Jana

Whether you have done Pilates for years, heard about it and wanted to give it a try or have not had any interest in this form of exercise – you really need to join Jana, the owner of Lead and the Metta District, for this 30 minute sampler. Over 20 years ago, Jana stepped into her first mat class and it changed her life – literally changed her life – participate in this workout to find out why. You will need a mat for this workout.

The Mixer – Session 5 – 4:05-4:35pm Hosted by Lead Team Members

We would love for you to join us for the last 30 minute session of the day to unwind from a fun afternoon of learning Lead Team members will be hosting Zoom Break out rooms with small groups of LeadFest participants to connect and answer questions. Bring your fave green juice, water or glass of wine and get ready to meet some super awesome people who care about their wellness as much as you do!

How do I register?

Select the sessions you wish to attend, choosing only one per time slot. Closer to the event, we will send you reminders and your zoom link to attend.  See you there!


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You will be positively impacted by your 180 minute investment! Share this info with those people in your life who you know would love to learn along with you!!

– The Lead Team