Let’s Get Started, Shall We?

I strive to be very active person but up until I worked at Lead, I had never tried Pilates and I’m not going to lie: I was little nervous to try some of the classes. Despite working here and knowing everyone, I was very unsure on how to or even where to start. I eventually got my butt in gear and asked Jana, “Where do I begin when it comes to classes?” She informed me (very excitingly, I might add) that I should start with an Essentrics class! It’s a class that combines strengthening and stretching so, even for someone as new as me it was a great place to start and get a feel for what Pilates-based training was about. My first class started out a little shaky but once I got the timing and got my balance in check it went and felt great! I felt so energized!

Turns out, just taking that one Essentrics class was pretty much a gateway into the rest of the classes offered here at Lead! Once I got started with one, trying other classes just came easy! I wasn’t as nervous when it came to joining the other classes and I felt even more a part of the Lead Family just by taking a class or two!  Everyone is so supportive! I went from doing 1-2 classes a month to doing 2-3 a week!

Lead has such a wide range of class types, it means that there really is a class for everyone! Whether you’re wanting a full body work out, like what Bodhi can offer, or you’re looking to strengthen your body and improve you posture with a Mat class, they have what you’re looking for!

So, when it comes to getting started with classes – just try one – and you’re unsure of where to start, don’t be scared to ask any one of us because no question is a silly question! We’re all more than happy to help you get started on Loving the Life you Lead.