Dear Lead Readers,
I wanted to come back with big results at the end of my 2 weeks to share with you all. Just a refresher, I was committed to going to 2 classes a week and adding some stretch and release to my routine to amp it up. Unfortunately, that did not go as I had planned…
It was not too long into my commitment that I had to deal with a medical issue. (Don’t worry all is well) I was unable to do the movement I had hoped and antibiotics had me exhausted👎 I felt disappointed in myself and avoided writing this blog as I did not have the results I promised. And then I realized – we all, at one point or another, have something that takes us off track of our goals…if you haven’t, let me know your secret 😉 Life happens to us all….FORGIVE YOURSELF and let the guilt go! The important thing is I missed the movement and was counting the days I could get at it again. So guess what, I’m going to get right back on the “mat”. I still love Pilates and will always have a lifelong commitment to my practice ❤ .

The next time you let life derail you, ’cause it’ll happen, don’t let the guilt find its way in. Let it run its course whether it’s a day, a week or a month!

Yours truely,