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We are so excited about this new initiative, we have never done anything like this before!!  This week, we launch Lead A Revolution 2.0! Did you know that it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to build a lifestyle? This is where we are going next – we want to help you build a healthy lifestyle!

From February – April 28 we encourage you to join us in one of three Revolutions:

    • Mini Revolution (taking 10 classes in the 10 week period)
    • Power Revolution (taking 20 classes in the 10 week period)
    • Epic Revolution (taking 30 classes in the 10 week period)
Commit to your Revolution by either using classes you already have on your account or purchase a 10 class, 20 class or 30 class Teaser Pack Membership to take your habits and evolve them into a lifestyle!

We will have a tracking board at Lead for you to keep track of your progress. We also have weekly prizes and an AMAZING Grand Prize for all those who complete their Revolutions – a 4 month All Access Mat and Flex Class Membership (value over $1,000)!  That’s not all – there are even more incentives! If you complete your Mini Revolution you will receive a $25 credit for Lead Fit Fashion clothing or more classes, complete your Power Revolution and receive $50 in credit or complete your Epic Revolution and receive $100 credit!  You will also get a free pass to one of our new Friday Night Sweat Sessions (more details to come!).  So, grab a few friends or family members, tell them about joining you in your Revolution and make Lead A Revolution 2.0 a game changer for you. Be a champion for health and wellness and get signed up for the next 10 weeks!

Click here to sign up now!