Lorielle’s Story

I am the mother of a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old baby. I had previously participated in a variety of Pilates classes through Lead beginning in 2013. At the time, I was looking for a way to relieve anxiety and become more physically active in a way that was enjoyable for me. I fell in love with how Pilates made my body and mind feel. I continued participating in classes until after my first daughter was born in 2016 (including prenatal classes and a “Mommy and Me” class). Shortly after, however, life got busy and I stopped exercising altogether while on maternity leave with my first child.

Fast forward a couple of years to the present. I had my second baby in May of 2019. Since then, I have felt decreased overall strength and flexibility, increased aches and pains, low energy and increased anxiety. When laying on my back, it felt like my organs would sink to the floor with no support to hold them post childbirth. Due to my anxiety I wasn’t leaving the house as much and felt like I was in a rut.

I had heard about the Metta District through promotional emails I received from Lead. This sounded like the perfect fit for me as it allowed me an opportunity to get back into a wellness routine, but have the flexibility as a busy (and anxious) mom to complete the classes in the comfort of my own home. I decided to tackle the 6-week 30 Session Challenge because it offered a variety of classes. I could also not pass up the amazing incentive of receiving 30 mat classes for free if I stuck with my goal.

The Metta District workouts were incredibly valuable to me! I loved the education that Jana provided with each movement during the sessions. I felt confident in my ability to complete each movement with her guidance. The variety of classes and different movements targeted during the sessions provided me a well-rounded workout and always left me feeling refreshed in body and mind. In addition to the more “active” classes, I appreciated the “Stretch to Sculpt” classes, which slowed things down a bit and taught techniques to release of fascia, tension and tackle muscle aches and pains. I needed those classes more than I realized!

Upon completing my 30 Session Challenge, I noticed a huge change in my core strength. I can now lay on my back comfortably and feel like I have muscular support. I feel a change in my flexibility, posture and how I carry myself during daily activities. My mind feels clearer and it has been great to have a physical release for my anxiety. I’m feeling excited to revisit the classes and to build on what I’ve learned.

– Lorielle