Magic Circle Hits the Road

I am away and really sad to be missing 2 weekends in a row of time at Lead. But as the title suggests at least a little something Lead is here with me. My magic circle was just taken out of the suitcase and used for an awesome bit of leg shaking leg stretching. I don’t have classes to go to so I hit the hotel treadmill for a little while, and after I was done I got to thinking. While I don’t mind running – I am no pro – just working on the couch to 5 k thing right now, it just isn’t pilates, and it just isn’t trx, and it just isn’t essentrics.

The sneaky thing about all of them I think (well not that sneaky in the case of trx) is that the impact on your body in the long term from those classes strikes me as being more in line with strength training than with cardio. Not big muscly strength training but long and lean training. Obviously some of them also have a component of cardio as well but they aren’t just about cardio. Cardio is great sure, but I was sold many years ago on the fact that improving your lean muscle in your body will have much better long term impact than most cardio focussed stuff does. The cardio burns lots of calories at the time, but building lean muscle, that is burning calories for you 24x7x365. Gotta love that.

Anyhow long story short, the run was great (the fitness room was hot as heck though), but it left me wanting, and missing Lead. So out came the circle for a bit of stretching (and even a bit of the side leg series).

So all of you lucky enough to be at classes this week and next, know that you have one person envying you!