Make Lead Part of Your Summer!

Living in Saskatchewan we are pretty lucky because we get to experience all four seasons. Okay, you might not all agree that we are lucky, but I think we are. We have the opportunity to witness the weather changes and to participate in a variety of different activities throughout the seasons. But with the weather changes, our bodies need to adapt too! Sometimes we ignore this and we end up with a different pain or discomfort that we maybe weren’t feeling the month prior.

Think about winter. Because of the cold and icy roads, we tend to wear our shoulders up around our ears like earrings. Your feet may feel all cramped up from wearing winter boots or trying to maintain your balance while walking on ice.

Now, think about the summer time and the changes in your activity. Maybe you are a gardener, you might play more sports, or maybe you just spend more time walking outside. You might be feeling more muscle soreness from moving more or in different patterns that you aren’t used to and you might not be moving in proper alignment.

All year round, we strive to help you move better, so don’t let all your hard work be for nothing. Over the summer, it is just as important to make sure you continue to attend your classes and continue to see your practitioner team. These small check-ins are great little reminders of how to move your body properly and how to take care of yourself. If you are starting to feel a new pain or discomfort from a new summer activity, we are here to help you alleviate it and teach you how to prevent it from happening again.

One of the best parts about Lead is that it is fairly simple to stack your life to attend multiple classes and appointments in one in a day. This technique of stacking can help you to get your classes or treatments in while still experiencing as much of our Saskatchewan summer as possible. Keep Lead in your life to keep your body healthy!