How can you manage stress?

Stress. It happens to the best of us. This is NOT a sign of weakness. Stress is a series of messages from your body suggesting that you make some changes to improve your quality of life.

Did you know that chronic stress is one of the leading causes of disease? It doesn’t just affect us emotionally and mentally, but it also provides a physiological response as well. I see it all the time. Clients come in with poor sleep, hormone & digestive problems, anxiety, fatigue, body aches and pains.


Reflexology assists greatly in managing stress. With Reflexology, we are encouraging the body back into a state of homeostasis. Basically, this means we are working from the inside out to promote the “parasympathetic response” in the nervous system. This response allows our body to rest and repair.

Alongside Reflexology, I often suggest home-care strategies to help reduce stress. Please click the following links below for more information:

Brain Sync – Music that sends specific frequencies to your brain to help it relax and unwind. This is perfect for aiding in building healthy sleep patterns, mental clarity, and so much more. They offer music as well as guided meditations.

Stress Release Essential Oil Blend – It contains grapeseed oil, lavender, neroli, roman chamomile, vetiver, geranium, clary sage and myrtle. It is very calming and is great for anxiety, sleep, and stressful situations. I always have this in my diffuser before bed.

Deep Breathing– When we breath properly, we are providing all our cells with much needed oxygen. Often, our breath tends to be shallow and from the chest when instead, it should be deep and from the belly.

Pilates – Pilates will help you build and focus on mind/body connection. When we have a mind/body connection we are in the present moment and can make better decisions and respond more effectively. Pilates also increases your flexibility, core strength and balance, while creating proper movement patterns. Deep breathing, also known as Diaphragmatic breathing is also an important component in Pilates

At Lead, we have all of your bases covered when it comes to stress management. What do you do to unwind?


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