Welcome to March Matness at Lead

During the month of March, we celebrate the mastermind of Joseph Pilates and all the amazing benefits Pilates Mat brings to our lives! Over the month you will experience subtle yet powerful changes in your body as you connect with the Pilates matwork which, in our opinion, is the heart and soul of this unique form of movement.  We will motivate each other to attend mat classes, complete Lead Bingo card challenges and try to win some great prizes all at the same time!  It’s a fun, interactive way to commit to Pilates mat and improve your quality of life!

Here is the fine print:  We have created our Lead Bingo card which includes daily activities, classes and bonus social media challenges to help you experience Pilates mat and start to understand how mat and other areas of services at Lead can help you love the life you lead.  Sign up on the form below to register and get your March Matness Bingo card that you will chip away at throughout the month.

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  • Help us reach our goal of 300 classes in March!
Keep reading to learn about your class options and the details of the Bingo card.  There are also great weekly prizes to be won!


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Classes to try as part of March Matness

If you have NEVER taken a mat class

We have an amazing class called Mat Foundations that sets the stage for teaching the body how to rid itself of poor, habitual movements and build new, more organized and efficient movement patterns and ranges of motion. If you have osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid), or are living with a bulging disc or a disc herniation, this class has been especially designed just for you! Commit to this class this month and you will feel positive changes in your body!

If you have taken a session of mat at Lead

If you have or are currently taking Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Mat or Full Mat Repertoire at Lead, continue to take your regularly scheduled classes. We would like to suggest that at some point this month you attend a Mat Foundations or Beginner Mat class. Why? The BEST way to assess your Pilates mat understanding is to return to the basics and now that you have been living and practicing the main mat concepts see if you can feel the work in a deeper way vs the first time around.

Other Class Options

We have also included 2 of our pop up classes, Burn (Hot Pilates) and Pilates Barre since both of these classes have a mat component to them. If you want to see how the mat can make you break a sweat, get to a few of these classes this month. These classes are most appropriate for bodies who can tolerate the heat and who love to feel the burn!

Bingo Card Details

Click on a square title to get the full details of how to complete the square.

Mat Class

Attend one Mat Foundations, Beginner Mat, Intermediate Mat, Full Mat Repertoire, Advanced Mat, Pilates Barre or Burn class.  Levelled classes and Full Mat Repertoire are only eligible for clients with previous experience or those who are currently registered in those classes.

Correct your posture during your day

At least 5 times during one day, correct your posture.  Try this each time you sit down or when you are standing (i.e. waiting in line or brushing your teeth, etc.).

Attend a Block Therapy or Restorative Pilates class

Get a little release in your life!  Attend a Block Therapy or Restorative Pilates Class.  If you are participating in the Facial Fascial Makeover, that counts too! Book your class now!

Rate a class or Lead on the MINDBODY App, Google, or Facebook

Take a few minutes to tell us, and the rest of the world, about your great experience at Lead.  You can be specific about a class or treatment, or just tell us about your overall Lead experience.

Try a new Flex class or one that you don’t attend often

Is there a flex class that you have never tried but intrigues you? Or maybe there is a class that you love but have never gone back?  Now is the perfect opportunity to sign up and attend that class!  Click here for Flex class descriptions. Not sure which class is right for you?  Ask one of our Studio Coordinators or attend Lead Advise.

Treatment at Lead Integrated Health Therapies

Have a treatment with any of our practitioners at Lead Integrated Health Therapies.  Stop by the clinic desk after your next class and a Clinic Coordinator can help you or book using our convenient online booking system.

Bring a friend to Lead

Introduce a friend to Lead!  Bring them to one of your favourite classes or maybe try a new one together!

Try a Group Equipment class

Try one of our Group Equipment classes.  Choose from Group Equipment Foundations, Pilates Athletic Chair, Group Equipment Mix, or a levelled Group Equipment class if you are already taking one.  Click here for class descriptions.

Show us a video of you doing Pilates at home

Take your Pilates practice home!  Take a video of you practicing a Pilates exercise or release work at home.  Tag us on Facebook or use #leadmarchmatness on Instagram.  Social media not for you?  Show this video to our admin team of how you are taking your Pilates practice home with you!

Drink 8 glasses of water one day

In one day drink 8 or more glasses of water.  Pay attention to how your body feels this day; we hope it will inspire you to pay more attention to your hydration everyday!

Spiral shoulders down back when you enter a new room

We tend to let our shoulders start to creep up to our ears, especially in the winter. Use this technique to complete this square of your Bingo card AND start to correct this pattern in your body!

Practice diaphragmatic breath during the day

One day take 5 diaphragmatic breaths when you get up, before lunch, after work, before dinner and before bed.  Not sure what the diaphragmatic breath is?  Mat Foundations is a great class that will help you learn this skill!

Each time you sit down, sit right on top of sitz bones

We tend to have poor posture when we sit.  One day this month, try to sit right on top of your sitz bones each time you grab a seat.