Massage Therapy: Luxury or Necessity?

We are currently living in a society of being overworked and overstressed.  Whether it’s the new entrepreneurial endeavor or a promotion with greater demands on our plate; our bodies take the brunt of it all. Leaving us feeling burned out, sore bodied with a fatigued mind.  So when we look at what Massage Therapy really does, we look at what it reflexively does to the entire being of a person.  For instance, did you know Massage Therapy lowers your blood pressure? Give you mental clarity? Effect your hormones?!?! This form of bodywork is amazing in how much it can create a space to allow your body to do what its suppose to do…heal! Sure Massage Therapy can feel like a luxury, but it’s more than that! We NEED to seek out bodywork that helps keep our bodies in proper alignment and pain free, so we can be more effective in all aspects of our lives.

When we look at luxury vs necessity, we must look at the belief system in which created this idea.  We come from a hardworking community.  Here in the prairies, many of us grew up watching our grandfathers/grandmothers work from sunrise to sundown. Aches and pains along the way? You bet!! What did they do about it? Most often, “sucked it up.” Many lived with the chronic pain. Why? Mostly because they didn’t have the opportunities we do now. For example, access to benefits and services that we have today. Let’s face it; we are still in our infancy stage when it comes to holistic healing modalities here in Saskatchewan.  So its not surprising that we are still in the mindset of “suck it up”. I’m here to challenge that today! What if I told you that you didn’t need to suffer it out until it goes away (if it goes away)? Once we realize that bodywork like Massage Therapy can actually decrease pain, increase your minds wellbeing, and help you physically perform movement better, we can start to understand that bodywork is not a lavish indulgence.  Because when you take away the aches and pains, you can focus on the important things that bring you joy and contentment therefore live your best life.  In my opinion, that…is a necessity.


In the spirit of healing,

Kara Daniels RMT, BSW