Meet Suzanne – Lead Massage

20150709_114651Suzanne is an excellent fit to our Lead team bringing a passion for fitness and also a firm believer in Pilates and yoga for ongoing healing and treatment. Utilizing a variety of techniques (deep tissue, myofascial, positional release, muscle energy, mobilizing joints through muscle manipulation) is exactly how Suzanne can treat stubborn pain conditions.

Suzanne is a firm believer in after care and she helps to educate her clients that posture, strength, core stabilization and movement are things to consider in order to prevent these problems from reoccurring. For Suzanne, having this aspect of my after care recommendations available to clients in the same building is something that she couldn’t be happier about.

Her specialties include: Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage, Myo-Skeletal Alignment, and Relaxation Massage!

We sat down with Suzanne and got to know her better:

Favorite place to hang out in Saskatoon?

-In the summer time I like to hang out on any patio in Saskatoon that serves good drinks.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

-Favorite thing to do on the weekend is lay in my hammock,  take my dog on long walks.

Best place you have travelled to?

-Best place ever traveled to is Tulum Mexico.

How do you relax?

-I relax by getting massages and laying in the sun.

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