Mission: Saskatoon Smiles – Physical Distancing Easter Egg Hunt

Despite the physical distancing that is so important to keep us safe in these unprecedented times, the human element is stronger than ever!  As a society we have found safe ways to stay connected while not being near each other, to be more creative with how we spend our time, more patient with those around us and more supportive for those on the front lines and with positive test results.  We all know that at some point, we will return to a new normal and we cannot wait for that time!

While we are physical distancing over the Easter weekend this year, we want to add a little bit of fun to your weekend.  Please join us from the safety of your vehicle for the Saskatoon Smiles Physical Distancing Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 11 from 2:00pm-3:15pm.

Here is how it works:

  • You register you and your family for the Easter Egg Hunt by completing the form below.
    • Registration has closed, but we’ll post the clues on our social media sites at 1:40pm.

  • By noon on Saturday, we will email you the list of clues that will lead you to various Saskatoon landmarks.  At each of these landmarks, you will see an ‘egg vehicle’ with an Easter Egg or Easter Bunny attached to the antenna or window.  One of our Lead team members will be inside waiting to show you a big homemade ‘egg’ you need to capture for the hunt.
  • If you go to any of the landmark locations prior to 2pm the ‘egg vehicles’ will not be in place.
  • To capture an ‘egg’, drive up to the ‘egg vehicle’ and take a picture of the ‘egg’.  You do not get out of your vehicle to take the picture. You stay in yours and we stay in ours.  Easy and fun!!
  • You goal is to find as many ‘eggs’ as you can between 2pm and 3pm and then you make your way over to the Lead parking lot (#10 & #20 Joseph Okemasis Drive) by 3:15pm where we have a special guest waiting to wave to you!  At no time will you need to leave the safety of your vehicle.

The smiles that we create and share during the Easter Egg Hunt will be our prizes!  We would love to see your pictures posted to our social media during the hunt.

Stay safe and have fun!

– The Lead Team