Mud Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I am so happy I joined up with the team for this. What a fantastic time. The obstacles were so much fun, wading through some swampy pool, climbing Blackstrap, slip sliding down the hillside on a makeshift slip and slide, climbing a big wall, dumpster diving in a bin full of mud, crawling through some looooong stretched out pup tents (not really but that is what they brought to mind), over the cargo net frame, and finally through a nice muddy area with barbed wire above and people throwing buckets full of mud on us. In case you haven’t seen it on Facebook, here is our after picture.


Such a great time. And I have to say an extra special thanks to Jenn and Jessica who took their time through the course with me and my need to walk a moderate amount of the running sections. Their enthusiasm and encouragement kept me going and certainly helped me to run more of it than I would have done if I were going it alone.

The feeling of community at times in the run was fantastic, people cheering you on, and you cheering on other people made it even more of a great time. And I think that is something I also feel so much at Lead, I was just realizing that I started coming to Lead in January of 2011 – it has been 2 and a half years and I have to say it still feels like a little home away from home, like a community I am always so happy to come and be part of. Things like this mud run really just make me appreciate it even more. Thanks Lead crew for everything!