The New Kid On The Mat

Hello all followers of Lead! (Haha, ok that sounds like I’m addressing a cult.)

Let’s try that again…

Hello all Lead Lovers!  (Ok, that’s a bit better.)

First, let me introduce myself… my name is Katie and I am the new resident blogger here at Lead Pilates and Integrated Health Therapies. Female, 36, married. I enjoy Netflix, dogs, and long romantic walks to the fridge.

If you know me, or have read any other blog posts from me before, you will know that lending my voice to the Lead family is a bit different that what you are used to seeing on this blog. I tell it like it is, and like it or not, I can be a bit of a smart*ss. Except you will like it, because I said so.

I am not a Pilates instructor, nor I am not any sort of health practitioner… I’m not even a receptionist at Lead. I don’t even know where their phone is for that matter. So, you may ask, why is this person writing this blog that she is clearly 100% unqualified to write?

The reason? I am just like you. I only recently even set foot in the facility. I originally came to do a private class in order to write a post for the Modern Woman Show & Exhibition blog, for which I was doing a health and wellness series, also which I was perfectly unqualified to write… and yet… it worked, people liked it, and here I am.

I am a regular person. I’m not in the worst shape of all the humans in the world, but I’m like, a million light years from the best. I eat well, but I also like to drink undisclosed amounts of wine with my friends and family. I look in the mirror and can tell I’m kinda cute, but I hate parts of my body just like everyone. I have to force myself to work out most days, and things like boot camps and this thing called “jogging” are not my jam.

Then I met Jana. The private class I did with her offered me so many “A-HA!” moments about so many of the mobility issues I deal with because of work, old injuries, and just general gimpiness from every day life. Its like we all do all these things to help our bodies stay in shape, but the pieces of the puzzle never quite fit together. At least they didn’t for me. It seems so simple: strengthen your body from the inside out, and everything works as a cohesive unit because of it. DUH. If your spine is f*cked and your core is weak, how is every other part of your body supposed to function optimally when their essential powerhouse sucks? Answer:  It won’t, and eventually it will catch up to you. #Quasimodo

I will be spending the next few months beginning to test this theory. If my primary focus of physical activity is Pilates based, how will my body respond? Jana and I are both pretty excited about this since I’m starting from the ground up. Literally. Like, on a mat, on the ground.

I’ll be taking their Beginner Mat session course twice a week Mondays and Thursdays with Sabrina and Mel, and if I start to look anything like them… well, I’m throwing in the towel with life and going to sit nude on a beach somewhere for everyone to admire. JK (or am I?)… but these girls look amazing and move so gracefully that its inspiring… and also a little annoying… but mostly inspiring.

I’ve already tried some of the other great classes with many of the awesome instructors, and will be eventually trying them all to bring you a full report, so stay tuned. You can always call in to book a complimentary consultation and your first class is free, so get moving! If you’re super lucky, you will get to hang out with me… cause I’m awesome.

Follow along with me on this blog while I experience everything this great local biz has to offer. Also, its not too late to sign up for any of the summer sessions, so if you want to start from the beginning like me, come and join the beginner mat class!

Katie XOXO