Out of control body parts

Okay first off I would mention that if you read my last post I talked about choices. I had great intentions for posting being the kickoff to healthier food choices etc. And it has been mostly, just not the night after I posted, that night it was deep fried take out and too much of it. But since then, much, much better. Pretty clean and pretty healthy and mostly home made.

So, onto the topic of the day. The Recharge circuit was great on Tuesday. Not in love with the time since it gets me home later than I would like but I think I am going to try it for a while. The funny thing is I had decided to walk from work so I checked online and it said about an hour. So I left work with enough time that I would be about 25 minutes early (figured that gave me a chance to dawdle if I wanted). I was mostly taking my time when I happened to be basically at the bus stop when it stopped. At this point I was about half way there so I figured hey, I will hop on the bus and shave off a few blocks since I was not walking terribly fast. Got off at the mall and walked the rest of the way relatively slowly. I got to the studio and saw someone else rushing in and a class getting started. So I hurried getting ready, came out, and discovered I was there at the start of the class before mine. I still can’t wrap my head around how I got there in around 30 or so minutes even with the bus for part of it. Oh well, maybe I should start wearing a watch again LOL. So that was my out of control sense of the passage of time.

But that was not the only thing out of control in my head, wait I mean with my head. It just seemed to have this mind of it’s own. I felt like I was just moving it all in the wrong ways, and even after a correction on one stretch on the core align I still felt like it was a bit out of control, too far back, too far forward. Maybe the universe was trying to decide if I was bobble head doll material or not. I do think that maybe the fact I haven’t really been doing any mat or pilates equipment stuff lately has contributed. Not that what I have been doing is not mind body etc, but maybe a little less head positioning kinds of things (if that makes any sense).

We did one thing where it did finally feel like I was managing to keep my head where it was supposed to be (at least I felt that way, might have been wrong though). That was the eagle on the reformer. What a great move, it felt really awesome. I recommend that you ask to try it out the next time you are in an equipment class!