Own it…don’t obsess over it!

Stop WeighTing!

My hope for 2013 is that people will stop focusing on weight (I’d even take focusing less on weight).  Numbers, scales, BMIs have a (narrow but useful) purpose in terms of analyzing health risk…but to use these numbers to assess self worth, body satisfaction or if/when/how you eat…stop!

I remember the vegetarian that wasn’t eating any vegetables yet took very little pride in changing his habits despite improving his nutrition.  Why?  Because the scale didn’t change.  I also remember the mom who was too busy looking after her family to take time for herself.  She carved out some meal planning time, created balanced meals and started mat classes at the studio.  Despite improved sleep and decreased stress (and not to mention the role modeling for her kiddos) she was unhappy.  Why?  Because the scale only changed 10 pounds. 

Each initial nutrition session, in my past life as a nutrition coach, discussed that the focus will not be on weight.  However, many times in my ten year practice, I would get an email saying….”I feel better but [Eaters Digest] the scale hasn’t moved”.  Sigh. 

In my practice I often tried to create programs without focusing on weight and instead focusing on acute changes such as energy, sleep quality, confidence, how your clothes were feeling, lack of pain, etc.   I struggled as a practitioner being able to guide people away from the scale yet enabling them to feel successful despite what the numbers were. 

SO ask yourself…what is the last 5 or 10 pounds?  What does that really mean?  Is it just a number in your head?  Do you need to lose vanity inches or true health risk inches?  And, most importantly…are you enjoying your food and activity or merely tolerating it?  Don’t compromise!  Find a place where you can live your best life, be healthy and strong and take enjoyment in your body. 

Easier said than done but it starts with self-talk, the mind will follow!  And you know what?  Time and time again when my clients found this inner contentment, they set themselves up for success and were able to not obsess but own their goals.  Success!