P is for Progress: Read Sam’s Progress after her accident

2016-02-17 17.35.39_resizedKeep up to date with Sam’s progress after her car accident earlier this year.

March 7- Chiropractor Treatment

Dr. Mackenzie, wants to see me LESS- yay. As much as I love seeing her, this is a great sign in my road to recovery- Dr.Mackenzie uses soft tissue techniques to reduce tissue tension and stiffness. We have reduced our treatments down to once a week!
March 8- Massage Treatment
I saw Suzanne for my treatment. She is SGI certified. When you file an injury claim with SGI, they do only approve you for 1/2 hour massages. Which sometimes just isn’t’ enough! Suzanne recommended me keep up with my neck stretches, she would like to see me once a week for a few more sessions.
March 10- Aging Backwards
I look forward to this class each week, everyone who takes it makes you feel nothing but comfortable, especially the instructor. If you are unsure about Pilates or really aren’t sure where to start. Aging Backwards is a step in the right direction. We do a lot of work on our feet and hands, the next day I felt like they both got a good workout. You’ll have to take the class to really understand what I mean!
March 12- Essentrics
I’ve asked if I can start incorporating some more intense fitness classes, as I am starting to feel much better. I spoke with Jana Danielson owner of Lead Pilates, She has helped me from the start of this program, guiding me and assessing, leading me in the right direction for recovery.If you haven’t done so yet, I would recommend booking a consultation with her. She is a bundle of knowledge! Jana recommended I start with 1 class that is a more intense workout. Essentrics is where she asked I start. I’ve taken essentrics before my accident and I absolutely loved it. So I was very excited when she gave me the go ahead!!
March 12- Block Therapy
This week we got to work on neck, back and arms. Just what I needed. This class is so relaxing, and warm. There was some work involved, near the end of class we put the block between our forehead and held it there, felt nice as that really is where a lot of headaches can stem from. Then Des had asked us to move the block over each eyebrow. OUCH! You don’t really realize how much those muscles are working everyday all day, they help us to blink, frown, smile. So when we did our release over each eyebrow, man does that hurt. a GOOD hurt of course. I probably should be doing block work everyday!