Paul’s Story

Anyone who knows my husband, knows how stubborn he can be. And, if an idea isn’t his, then it likely isn’t worth pursuing. So, it came as no surprise that it took him over a year (of me working at Lead) before he finally stepped foot into his first class.

Paul had been suffering with sciatica pain for over a year and everything he tried seemed to only help it for a short time and then the pain would return. Not only was it affecting him physically with limited mobility, but also, it was affecting him mentally as the long-term pain was grating on his nerves (and mine).

I suggested he try Pilates as I had seen it help so many other people before, but no. The Physiotherapist at Lead also suggested Pilates, and I kept at him. FINALLY, he gave in to trying a class! I was thrilled!

He started with Beginner CoreAlign and after several classes began noticing he was having more mobility and less pain. Then, he added Beginner Mat and that’s when things really started to change for him. After only a few months, his sciatica pain subsided. This was such great news and I knew he was hooked.

Recently, he started trying other classes and has found his favourite – Bodhi. Now, he is dedicated to it twice per week. And, even though he is a regular at the gym, he said, “Bodhi gives him a workout like no other”, and he really enjoys the instructors at Lead. “They are awesome!”

When I asked Paul about his Pilates experience, he said, “Pilates introduces you to muscles you didn’t know you had. It’s not about strength, it’s about moving your body in the right ways. It takes you from something you couldn’t do to – ‘Hey! I just did that.’ For example, touching my toes.” He also added, “If it’s good enough for David Beckham and countless other star athletes, it’s good enough for me!”

– Melinda