Phoebe’s Story

Client stories and shares are why we do what we do at Lead. Whether clients are coming through our doors or joining our classes at-home, the decision to add movement can truly be life changing. Phoebe is one of those amazing clients that we are happy to see walk through our doors! Read about how signing up for Private Sessions impacted her life below.

“Thank you Inna for being a part of my journey on living my best life!”

When I turned fifty last year, I felt like my body was becoming stiff, pain slowly creeping in, and my back pain was even more aggravating (I have a L4L5 old injury). Last December, my boss gifted us a session with Jana on fascia weaving. After that session I was able to go down the 15 stairs without knee pain. I made a decision to look after myself and that meant joining Lead Pilates.

I enrolled in Private Sessions because I wanted someone to create a personalized exercise plan based on what my 50-year-old body needs. The BEST investment I have ever made to myself! My balance, endurance, breathing, awareness of posture and body mechanics as a whole have improved significantly. The test of time, was when my husband and I went to Costa Rica. I was able to rappel down into a canyon, climb a boulder, cross a raging river, climb a waterfalls, and did a zipline. I was totally surprised by the change I got out of the coaching and workout sessions.

Having a private sessions at Lead Pilates (aside from having the whole place to yourself ), means you have one expert watching you while you are investing on yourself and giving your body the best treatment it should deserve. Thank you Inna for being a part of my journey on living my best life!” – Phoebe