Pilates: Why You Should Try Intelligent Movement

Pilates is called “Intelligent Movement” and it is not for nothing. It is not only about moving – but moving with quality. Along with my own Pilates journey, I have observed many people improving their quality of life by learning some basics concepts about how to breathe better, stand, sit, lie down, walk, lift, run, etc. Pilates teaches how to perform these actions with proper body mechanics combined with diaphragmatic breathing. It also helps to develop control in the most efficient manner possible, with the least amount of stress on the body.

What Makes Intelligent Movement So Great?

In the Pilates environment, you will have a whole body experience where you will strengthen and stretch your muscles, move your joints but also will build a correct posture pattern that will make a difference in your life! If you see someone taking a Pilates class, you will probably think: “that looks too easy”! The person will appear to perform the exercise almost without effort, but that does not mean it is easy. This person has learned and practiced total control over his/her mind and body using intelligent movement! As our master, Joseph Pilates said: “do not use ten pounds of effort for a one pound exercise”.

I used to say to clients that Pilates is just like school: every day you will learn a new lesson. In my classes at Lead, my clients will learn about their body and how to move with more efficiency and apply all the cueing from class in their daily life – this is intelligent movement at work! So, whether you suffer from a body issue, such as herniated disc, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis, chronic pain, etcetera or whether you just want to prevent these issues you should try a Pilates class. Believe me – you will learn a lot from your first day of practicing!

Why I Fell in Love with Pilates

The first time I heard about Pilates was in 2005. I had less than one year to finish my undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy. At that time, I was not sure what area I would like to specialize in, but I knew it must be in movement (I was once I was a gymnast in school). With this in mind, I decided to take some classes to understand more about the Pilates world. I totally fell in love – not only because I saw changes in my body and improvements in my health (I was used to having back and neck pain due long periods of sitting/studying when I was student), but also because I saw Pilates as a tool to help my clients to improve their movement and health. So in 2006, I took my Pilates training and it has now been 12 years since I started teaching.

I am so grateful that I found Pilates and am now teaching full time. I watch my clients’ progress through their classes and hear about how they are not feeling pain anymore. They are doing things now they have never imagined they could do! I help to bring my clients back to a functional life and seeing their smiling faces is absolutely priceless! This is why Pilates and intelligent movement is my passion! I want to keep teaching it for the rest of my life. If you want to change your quality of life, don’t hesitate: book a Pilates class right now!


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