Post reveal thoughts

Hello Lead Pilates friends,

I’ve been thinking about my quest for health and fitness journey over the last 16 months and feeling a combination of emotions.  On one hand, I’ve accomplished so much, and I am so proud of the healthier slimmer me.  On the other hand, reality has set in that my journey is not over.

I was going to write in this blog that my journey is 1/2 over and I am 1/2 way to my goal.  However, that is old thinking, and it is simply not true.  Ultimately this is the type of thinking that has led in the past to temporary and limited success.  To see permanent change, I need to purge that way of thinking and commit to the idea that my journey will be a lifelong journey.  This will be a new way of being.

One of my favorite people said to me “Don’t worry about doing this quickly and don’t worry about being perfect.  Be positive, committed and consistent.  Choose and make changes that you can incorporate permanently.  Workout with purpose and workout consistently.  Eat well most of the time.  Speak positively to yourself.  Be patient.   Embrace and enjoy the journey.  Your body WILL reward you.”  You know what? This philosophy has gotten me farther than any other approach to fitness and health that I’ve tried over the last 20 years.   So as counter-intuitive as it seems to all of us Type A personalities – give up the quick intensive all-out approach.  Embrace the concepts of consistency, positivity, and patience and you will achieve!

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