Posture Resolution: 6-weeks to improved posture

The dictionary defines posture simply as the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting. Although this is correct, there can be lots of complexity with posture that impacts our digestion, circulation, sleep, activities and general quality of life.

We wanted to share some of the hints and tips that we covered at our Posture Resolution workshop. Making these subtle changes can drastically improve how your body functions in a day.

  1. The 60/40 rule! Your goal is to have 60% of your weight in the heel bone of your foot as that bone is big and solid; it is designed to hold weight. Then, you want 40% of your weight in the widest part of your foot (not right on the toes) but on the metatarsals (the knuckles) of your feet. These smaller bones of the foot are meant to move you as you walk, run, jump.
  2. Positioning your head. We have all heard of the term tech neck and as Dr. Rikki explained in our workshop, the head weighs approximately 10 lbs. When we are in tech neck position looking down at our phones, this 10 lbs quickly becomes 60 lbs!!! You are hanging that 60 lbs off the end of your spine! No wonder we see so many people with headaches and upper back and neck tension. How do you ‘fix’ this?? Imagine you have a headrest behind you at all times and keep that head of yours touching that headrest. This positions the weight of the head appropriately on top your spine.
  3. Your 6-week plan to improved posture. If you are serious about standing and sitting better in 2019 here is the plan of attack we suggest. You commit to a 6-week re-awakening of where your body is in space. On weeks 1 and 2: notice where your posture is at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make any tweaks that you need to and move on with your day. In weeks 3 and 4, notice your posture 3 times a day as you did in the first 2 weeks but add 3 more check ins, think mid-morning, mid-afternoon and evening snack times. Then in weeks 5 & 6, add 3 more check ins each day, so that 9 times a day you are bringing awareness to your posture and we believe by this time, if you have been accountable the first 4 weeks, you will find yourself ‘fixing’ a lot less and already being in a new postural place!!

Remember, Rome was not built in a day, these changes that are subtle but long term changes take time. Have patience, commit and notice how you feel as all the body’s other systems start to change alongside that skeleton of yours!

Cheers to 2019, resolutions and posture!!

Jana, Dr. Rikki and Morgan