Pumped to be back on a regular schedule

Hello Pilates Enthusiasts,

Yesterday marks a return to Saskatoon and a more regular schedule.  Thank goodness.  My body has missed its regular pilates tune ups.

I hit the ground running with a super challenging Core Align class with Bree.  That girl can come up with most creative exercises and time just flies! We bumped up our tension a bit on the core align machines, and did some new moves to take us (ever so slightly) out of our comfort zones.   Tonight I’ll be visiting Chrissy’s Essentrics class for a good overall unsticking of my creaky body!

My month of work related travel, and holidays resulted in zero progress on the weightloss front – but I am very excited to have maintained while having a lot of fun, and to have kept up my exercise and good eating habits despite being away from home.  By the way, have you seen those new water bottles?  Super cool – had to grab one!

Getting Fit at Lead Pilates