ReCharge Circuit Revisited

Oh man am I loving being back at the equipment. The circuit is so great because you get to do all kinds of different stuff (although I admit that during the lunges on the chair I was sure wishing that I could do a whole lot less – still bugs me how much weaker my one leg is than the other).

I am writing this a few days after the fact so it is hard to remember a lot of the details but one thing I can say is I really enjoy how Tanis is able to seamlessly blend in encouragement when we do stuff well and gentle corrections when we need them. Really all the instructors I have had at Lead seem to have this ability – although each of them does it in their own unique way.

We were reminded again about the mud run team, and the running group that we can sign up for. I think tomorrow morning before TRX I will see if there is still a spot in the run group should be a great way to follow the sweaty TRX class with a little learning how to run. Feeling ready to try and get back to the running thing – I think the achilles is back in shape enough to give it a shot!