Recovered & Ready to Rock: Sam’s Final Journey

We are so excited that SaSam's Carm has come so far from her car accident earlier this winter. This was Sam’s car after she was  hit and suffered severe whiplash, neck & back pain and headaches. Together with her team at Lead (including Lead Massage, Lead Chiro, Lead Pilates, Cycle & Fitness instructors), they worked to eliminate the pain she was experience and help to improve her overall quality of life.  We’ve followed Sam on her recovery journey over the course of the last couple months, and happy to report that Sam ‘graduated’ from her recovery plan and program!! Congratulations, Sam – we know that this took a lot of hard work but we are so glad to see you healthy and happy!
Chiro with Dr. Mackenzie
This was my final appointment with Dr. Mackenzie.  She’s officially closed my SGI claim. What a relief. It has been quite a long journey with numerous appointments, not on2016-02-17 17.35.39_resizedly with Chiro but Physio and massage as well. But Dr. Mackenzie has been nothing but helpful and supportive. With a neck and back injury it takes time. I am happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Couldn’t of done it without Dr. Mackenzie.


Kelly taught this class. This class was a little different. It was a Prince tribute. All the songs were by Prince. It made it pretty fun. It was more of an active heart pumping class. Ive set a new goal for myself. That is to make it through an arm track without dropping my arms for a break. It’s a work in progress!!
Thank you Lead Team for all your support throughout this journey. I really couldn’t have done it without the guidance and care from the whole Lead team!!
Aging Backwards
Throughout my whole program at lead. This has truly been one of the most helpful class. It really is an ease back into, not only fitness but just to your body moving. After being in a car accident.. everything was stiff. This class is a move at your own pace. Push yourself only as far as you can go. Each week I noticed progress. It helps that Sabrina the instructor is very helpful and understanding of each individuals pace.
One of the things I love about each class. The instructors always always ask “how are everyone bodies feeling” that just shows you right there they care.


2Y5A4269-3 (1)Lead Cycle
I’ve been feeling so great I decided to try a Lead Cycle class. I’ve taken spin classes prior to my accident. This class was a great way to get my heart pumping. After class we did some stretching. I was a little nervous I would be straining my neck. But the next day I felt great!!


My favourite quick active workout.
Des taught this class. She switched it up a bit. We practiced our stability but putting a foam roller under our backs while we jumped. Man my abs were on fire. Can’t wait to go again!!



This i2016-03-07 10.19.56_resized (1)s officially my last week of blogging. Not my last week of classes at Lead. Such a great place, everyone truly cares about your goals and helping you achieve. Love the team here.