Recruiting Physiotherapists

Our Past

Lead Pilates started as a home based business in the fall of 2008 with mat based Pilates classes. The business grew over the next two years and in September 2010 we opened our current studio on Taylor Street. With a team of 4 instructors teaching close to 30 classes a week our goal of helping people in Saskatoon increase their quality of life was being realized. Over the past 4 years our team has grown to 17, our class offerings have grown to over 100 per week and we continue to place a high value on continuing education, creating new classes, bringing in new technologies and offering a comfortable, welcoming environment for our clients and our team.

Since opening our doors we have helped thousands of bodies heal, get stronger, more flexible, alleviate chronic pain and live higher quality lives. We place a lot of value on educating our clients about good movement and their bodies. We also have had great success referring clients to other health professionals when we feel that a complimentary therapy to Pilates would be beneficial.

Our Future

This summer, Lead will be opening its doors to an expanded facility that will bring the worlds of Pilates/Movement, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic under one roof. The building we will be occupying is located in Sutherland, at the corner of McKercher Drive and College Drive, just off Packham Avenue.

Your Opportunity

We are looking for qualified Physiotherapists with varying degrees of experience and specializations to be a part of this very unique approach to health and wellness. Our goal is to create a team of individuals who:

  • Share our commitment to improving quality of life for our clients
  • Appreciate that there is value to multiple types of therapies and will work as part of an integrated team to heal bodies that need healing and prevent issues from happening to those bodies that are/seem healthy
  • Love to move; we need to be ambassadors for what Lead stands for
  • Collaborate and problem solve with your colleagues so that our clients get the highest value for their investment of time and money with us
  • Thrive in an entrepreneurial environment where ideas are encouraged, creating value is expected, and having a results focused attitude is the norm.
  • Will be active in the Lead community by committing to your own quality of life by taking classes and making that a part of your lifestyle. If we don’t practice what we preach, we lose our authenticity.
  • Are excited to continually develop professionally within your own scope of practice and by taking in house developed Pilates-based continuing education training sessions.

The Fine Print

We are offering a competitive commission-driven compensation package and are currently working on securing a Group Benefits Plan that would be available for you to contribute into if you so choose. You will also have the opportunity to take classes at the studio at no charge.

The Process

A complete application includes a cover letter and a resume and should be emailed to Jana Danielson at by noon on Wednesday, June 3.