Restore Your Life

Go go go.  We spend so much timing going that sometimes we forget to stop.

After a really busy workday we all think, “Oh I’m too tired to go to a class tonight”.  The thought of having to put more energy into something else can just be draining.  We all know that exercise gives you more energy, but sometimes we do need to slow down.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to stop attending class, I’m just suggesting you try something new or different that will force you to slow down and reset. Something like Restorative Pilates.

I have always been a very active person and usually attend the more challenging classes.  However, I began to realize that I was missing the rest and relax part of movement.  I soon discovered Restorative Pilates.  It became the perfect 50 minutes to recharge in the middle of a very busy week.

I’ve learned that our body is like a storybook.  When we start to pay attention to where we feel pain or discomfort, we can then listen and take time to recover and recharge. This is where Restorative Pilates comes into play.  This class uses a variety of props to release fascia and stretch while also adding some Pilates spinal movements.  In addition, we compare both sides of our body, listening to what each side is telling us.  We work to guide you to make changes in your life, to help correct the asymmetries that have been created over time. Try it out and make it a time in your week to stop and just pay attention to yourself.

Janelle, Certified Instructor

Restorative Pilates is offered every Wednesday at 6:00pm. Book Now!