Returns of All Kinds

Well after a while with no activity on the tail of some time with pretty little activity on the tail of no activity – in a nutshell basically after a decent long stretch of not getting to Pilates or Essentrics or any of the other wonderful classes at Lead I got back to it today with a wonderful Essentrics class. Unfortunately with all that time of missing out there has also been a return of some unwanted fat layers. I would love to use some euphemism like padding etc, but the sad fact is that it is fat, pure and simple. Not all of the fat I worked off over the previous two years but some of it, enough to make me determined to shift it away again.

Now I suspect I am like most other people a bit more complex than the equation “can’t get to as many pilates classes as I want” = “fat comes back” because in the mix was so much else as well (but believe me I know that the missing out on pilates is a definite factor). But there was also along with that a return to eating way too many “food like substances” that I know are not a part of a healthy lifestyle. Then there is the mental part of things. I stopped writing this blog, I stopped writing in my own personal blog, I stopped talking about, reading about and thinking about health in a healthy way (not obsessing but just being mindful of it).

So I was very happy to know that with the new format on the Lead website that I would be able to blog it up again. So here I embark on my first return blog and it is about an awesome Essentrics class. There were some new people in the class so Jana went over a bunch of the basics about it and boy it is nice to have that refresher just to kind of make me feel the full feeling of renewal.

I never have really done a session of Essentrics, regular, weekly, Essentrics. I have worked it in here and there and always love it every time but have never done it very consistently. So I think that this session I am making it my one really regular thing. I love the workout it is, my arms burn like crazy, and so does my butt. And I love the idea of it, the lengthened position we do so much work in – I know it will help create long and strong, not just strong.

So here is to returns. Returning to Lead as often as I can make it work (but definitely at least my 2 sessions a week). Returning to eating real food not that stuff that looks and even tries to taste like food but is really just a product of some nasty factory/science lab. Returning to writing about my journey here where I can share it with all of you, and on my own blog. And last but not least, returning to a body with less excess fat and way more lovely, lean, long, muscle!