Roxanne’s Story

September 2019 was my first visit to the Lead campus. It’s a mere ten-minute drive from my home, but the journey there started about seven years earlier.

Back then, I was working with the Finance team at PotashCorp and Lead was offering noon hour classes onsite. I had been interested in learning more about Pilates, so I decided to try it out. I really enjoyed the various lessons but once the onsite offerings ended, I wasn’t ready or didn’t take the time to pursue further classes.

A few years later, I was at a fundraiser and put a winning bid on a package donated by Lead. The package included ten Flex classes and some of Lead’s fit fashion. I ended up gifting the outfit and tucked away the class pass. My best intentions didn’t quite pan out — it is still in my drawer in the envelop it came in.

Then, in 2018 I quit my Finance job. After taking some time to figure out what my new daily routine would include, I decided I would commit to a part-time job that was ME! I also accepted that I had put off my own fitness for too long, so it was during this time that I finally went to Lead and signed up for the $99 Unlimited Plus Intro Offer. My goal was to take as many classes as I could to figure out if I liked it enough to commit on a longer term. Most days I attended two classes. After that first month I knew I had found the answer to my fitness goals and signed up for a Membership.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was enjoying my daily visits to Lead. I looked forward to each day and the different classes and instructors that I would experience. The variety kept me interested and the consistency of the Pilates-based movement and cueing reinforced the new skills I was learning. I noticed that the nagging little pains I had experienced were no longer a part of my daily life. My body was craving the movement!

One of my favourite classes has been Mat class. I found it one of the most challenging classes and at times it could frustrate me to near tears. However, after nearly a year of consistent classes I recognize how much my body has changed and the strength I have built. I still struggle through many of the movements, but rather than frustration I now find joy in those moments when my body responds in ways it never did before.

Whether you have been thinking about trying a class at Lead for a long time, or just considering now, I encourage you to make the time! It has provided strength and consistency to me at a time when world events are especially testing our resilience.