Run away and join the circus

.. or you could just really luck out and be the only one in a beginner equipment class with Chrissy filling in as the instructor.  I got to do something called the ferris wheel and another thing called the magician today so I felt quite a bit like I was at the circus!

So first the ferris wheel.  This is very aptly named if I think about it at all.  It is done on the trap table and you put the dowl bar thing under your knees.  You then coccyx curl up into the air and bring your knees up into the air as you go.  Then you sort of work to bring your toes down to the table while keeping yourself up in the air.  I know the description isn’t very good – but the down part of it somehow makes me think of the ferris wheel how the seats swing.  Anyhow this was quite the challenge and it was my first time ever trying it.  Chrissy said I did pretty good so that was awesome to hear!

Then came magician.  Watching Chrissy demo this for me I was really worried.  It is one with your feet in the straps – you bring them down with legs straight and then you lift off and you are in this kind of a straight line with your body and it sort of looks like you are levitating.  You keep your butt up in the air like that and do some leg raises and lowers, then a walking sort of one, and then leg circles.  I am glad to say that this one looked really crazy hard but it actually turned out to be not as bad as I thought.  Not to say it isn’t work, because it definitely is, but it was better than I had expected!

So thanks for the circus day on the trapeze table today Chrissy. And hope you have an awesome time in Montreal!  And Jana I hope you have an awesome time in the Big Apple!