Sam learns about cupping therapy in her latest diary on her road to recovery

April 4- Massage- with Stephanie
Suzanne is away, I decided to take advantage of an hour massage. I have seen Stephanie in the past. She does a great job at really explaining why there is pain in certain areas, what could be causing this, and how to eliminate or ease. She’s very smart, I learned I need to drink more water and correcting my posture will really help. Working at a desk all day and trying to sit up straight is not always an easy thing to do. Stephanie tried a new to me technique to help relief some of the spots in my back that are just stuck, its called cupping therapy. Cupping therapy is the use of suction cups to mobilize blood flow to promote the healing. It was very cool!!

April 7- Aging Backwards
Sabrina taught this class, we seemed to work a lot on our hips. We did some IT band stretching and psoas muscle work.Which was quite intense. These muscles are ones we use everyday, it is important to stretch and make sure they are working properly. I noticed mine are quite tight, might be due to sitting at a desk most of the day, I am trying to make an effort to take time out of my day to walk around take breaks regularly!
April 9- Essentrics
Des taught this class, haven’t taken a class with her in a few weeks it seems like. We worked quite a bit on moving our ribs. Definitely could feel it the next day. Strengthening and Lengthening.There was an arm track which always kills, we worked our legs and made sure we stretched everything out at the end. Its nice at the end of class we get to use the wood bars that are set up around the room- Almost like ballerina bars. You get quite the stretch in your hamstrings and your hips.
April 9- Block Therapy
Des taught this class. We worked our using the block on different areas of our core. Which actually ended up working out well for me, as the class before was quite a bit or rib and core work. Trying to focus on your breath in this class is probably the hardest part. Working on the block to find different areas to get that release. Slow movements and its always nice and warm in the studio 🙂 I always look forward to block therapy, its a great way to end the week.