Sam’s healing up and discovered a new fave Pilates class – JUMP!

Sam is now approximately 2 months post accident and she was ready to take on more this last week! She was introduced to JUMP, our 30 minutes power class on Pilates Reformers, one of the fastest, best workouts in 30 mins that Saskatoon has to offer. This was a great way to introduce even more movement into Sam’s Pilates & Fitness routine.

jumpboardboxApril 11- Jump

I spoke with Jana Danielson, owner of Lead Pilates, she got me started on this journey to recovery. I have been feeling great and asked if I could amp up my fitness a little bit.
She recommended to me, that I try JUMP.
JUMP is a 30 minute class, which is great to take on a lunch break or if your trying to squeeze fitness in on a short amount of time. Even though it is only 30 minutes, you are getting a great workout. You are laying on a reformer and using your body to jump off the base board of the reformer. It’s a pretty cool class- let me tell you, not only my legs, but my abs were on fire. Truly is a full body work out!!
April 13- Essentrics
Kelly taught this class, was great to get my body moving. After feeling a little stiff from JUMP. We did a bit of everything in this class. Side leg series was one of the harder movements. We lay on a mat on each side and lift our legs in different positions, foot flex, toe pointed- sounds easy but try NOT moving your upper body or your pelvis. not so easy! I swear after each class I feel more defined, definitely noticing changes in my body!
Was I even in a car accident? Feel like I’ve made a great recovery so far! All these things i’m learning and trying are really helping!
April 14- Aging Backwards
Sabrina taught this class! There was quite a few people, compared to normally just 2. So that was really nice to see. I’ve found that talking with people who take this class, most do have some sort of injury. this class is a great way to ease back into fitness and getting your body moving.
We did some work, but you only push yourself as far as you can!
April 15- Jump
Des taught this class, was great to run over on a lunch break and get a good sweat on.
I swear all weekend I was feeling the effects from this class.
We did quite a bit of work on our legs, but Des made sure to throw some arm exercises in there as well!
Love this class 🙂