Sam’s Journey Week 1

Hey, I’m Sam and work at Parr Auto Body. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a team of people who can help me through work and life! Usually I’m the one helping folks through a crazy collision experience but I recently had the opportunity (ha) of experiencing a nasty collision for myself. My car was written off by SGI as the damage was extremely severe with blown airbags and more. The positive from this was that Jana at LEAD and Chelsea had a visit one day and came up with the idea of sharing this experience of the collision and getting back to health!

I’ll be blogging about my journey back to health and this is my first week and a half of experiences.

Sam's Car
Block Therapy: Day 1:We worked on the lower half of the body

This week I’ve taken Block Therapy which worked the lower half of my body. There was a nice hip release that provided me some low back relief. It was an interesting and informative class. You get deeper muscle release than using a foam roller. Des, the instructor is very helpful with each movement and how you should feel throughout. Each class focuses on a different body part and I’m looking forward the next one.

Friday Feb 12- Chiro treatment with Dr Mckenzie.

Dr. MacKenzie has been doing chiro treatment with me prior to the accident but we are now focusing on my neck and back because of the collision. She is fun and relaxed in her approach to care and makes coming to see her easy.

Tuesday Feb 16- Massage treatment with Suzanne

This past Tuesday I had a massage treatment with Suzanne. This is the second time I have seen her since my accident. My neck and shoulders are still very tight. I have been seeing her for about 1/2 hour at a time but that quick massage does leave me feeling sore after. I just need to remember to drink LOTS of water

Wed Feb 17

I got to see Dr. MacKenzie again- every time I see her I crack with relief. I have noticed a small difference in how much pain I feel in my neck but my back and shoulder are still causing some pain.

Thursday Feb 18

I had the opportunity to take Aging Backwards with Sabrina. This class reminded me of a way to ease back into fitness. The slight movements get your blood flowing but doesn’t push you too hard. This definitely is a great class to take to work on your flexibility. There were some arm movement that were tough due to my tight shoulders. Sabrina, the instructor was nothing but helpful. She’s very kind and sweet, you will feel comfortable and welcome in this class no matter where your fitness level is.

Friday Feb 19

I saw Dr. MacKenzie for Chiro and Suzanne for a massage- slowly starting to feel not as tight in the neck and shoulders.

Sat Feb 20 block therapy

Tried Block Therapy again. This class was my favorite. This class was arms, neck and back. Exactly what I needed. Des was my instructor and does an awesome job explaining what we’re releasing when we were laying on the block and the benefits of each pose.   Such a cool class. Definitely felt good after. I look forward to it each week!