Sam’s Journey – Week 5 – learn about neck Block Therapy, great for whip lash treatment.

March 21- Chiro Appointment
I saw Dr. Mackenzie, It has been a week since I seen her last. I am feeling great. I did however feel like I needed a crack from her, she also used an activator to manipulate my jaw. Not accident related, I was experiencing some discomfort. We will try 1 more session next week. Then from there evaluate.I should be keeping up with home stretches
March 22- Block Therapy
Normally I take this class on Saturdays, but decided to switch it up.
Kelly taught this class, was interesting to have a different instructor, we did a few positions with the neck I haven’t done before. Which was great. I am leaning more and more to purchasing my own block to do some of these positions at home!!!
This classes focus was Neck and Arms. Was a great way to end a busy day. This class can get so relaxing that you may even fall asleep…. not that I did
March 23- Massage with Suzanne
This session I was feeling quite tender, especially between my shoulder blades and back of neck, which is a little discouraging. But Suzanne was very helpful, she gave me more at home stretches to really try and open up my chest and shoulders. She used the words strengthen. The stronger my back the better.
I will definitely need a lot of water today, as we did some deep tissue work!
March 24- Aging Backwards
I have literally been at Lead Pilates everyday this week, I wonder if they will let me move in! On another note this class was awesome. New music playlist, New moves. I absolutely loved it. We actually did a lot more ab and leg work. which was great! Sabrina always keeps the class fun!