Saturday morning TRX

My morning starts with the insane cats demanding breakfast “alarm” going off, a full hour before the real alarm was set. More sleep please, my bleary eyes demanded. Alas it was not to be, so up I got. I grabbed my giant mug of water and chug a lugged. I like kicking the day off with a nice big drink of water, it sets the tone for the day.

This morning it seemed that breakfast required musical accompaniment so I hit up YouTube to find the song that was stuck in my brain from yesterday. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train, this catchy song was one I had only heard a couple of times but enjoyed. My enjoyment increased 10 fold as I almost shot cereal out my nose laughing over the actual lyrics of the song (and the video). Breakfast done I hit play on the song another couple times so I could dance around the house like a lunatic. Also a great way to kick off your day – dancing like crazy.

Getting ready to head out to TRX class included making up my post workout version of a chocolate malt/milk. Most of a banana, a big old scoop of cocoa powder, a big heaping heaping tsp of natural (just peanuts) peanut butter, and a cup of whole milk. Blend this up and you have one of the most delicious things I have ever drunk. Plus it has all that great protein and some nice natural sugars from the banana to make your muscles say “Thanks!” after your workout.

So off I went to TRX, my morning started great despite the cat alarm and I was looking forward to more. And I was not disappointed. The workout with TRX and Restore is always a great one. My legs feel the burn, my arms feel the burn, I work my core a tonne. And then I get to stretch and restore too. How can you beat that awesome combination! Carly definitely gave me something to feel great about, and I did feel great afterwards. I saw Jana greeting a new client and I just wanted to run over to her and tell her that the place can change your body and your life if you are ready for it.

After the workout I grabbed my super delicious smoothie and took a minute or two to enjoy every last drop (out of my Lead Pilates water/tea glass bottle). Then the ever awesome Amy at the front gave me a list of the Sirius radio channels so someday I will hate that thing in my car less than I do now. But, no matter what or how I feel about my radio faceplate, nothing could beat the fact that as I went to drive out of the parking lot today, I had to yield to the shiny red heart balloon that was floating down the street. It apparently was meandering its way to a date with a tree on the other side of the intersection. It really was quite amusing watching it float along and wondering where it was headed.

To wrap things up off I went to the farmers market to pick up some lovely carrots, beef, cheese, and various other excellent locally made/grown foods. The carrots may or may not make it into the soup I am making today (butternut squash, yam, with a touch of curry, and homemade chicken soup stock).

A great day already and it is just noon!!!!!