September: A Month of Change and Transition

So many changes and transitions happen in September: in our daily routines, our wardrobes, our hobbies and our physical activity levels. We move from summer to fall, from holidays to the start of school, and from free time to more structured schedules.

September is a month that tends to inspire new beginnings. Transitions can be good, bad, or neutral but all forms bring both gains and losses as we adapt to change in our routines. Lots of change can bring with it a lack of familiarity, increased anxieties, new fears, excitement, opportunities, grief, or the want to make the right decision. Easy doesn’t mean right and messy doesn’t imply wrong when it comes to life and transitions. The key is to take care of yourself through the process.

In our house there is much thought about the return to school for our kids. Which activities everyone wants to try this year, and if pants will suddenly look like capris or not. Sound familiar?

This September our ordeal took on a magnitude of proportions. For the past two years we have managed 5 kids in 3 schools but this year the decision was made to transition into a new school.  So that’s five kids, 2 school systems (they have different holiday schedules and start times), and 4 schools. Did I mention that we also lose some of the conveniences of having 2 of our kids bussed to school?

This was not an easy decision and we kept getting stuck with the thought “is this sustainable for the next 6 years?”. When I stopped to breathe and check in with myself, I remembered that the goal wasn’t to make a perfect decision for the next 6 years but to make a decision that fit for now and do our best to transition gently into these changes.

Transitions can be great and challenging all at the same time. But all transitions do require awareness of how the change is affecting us, recognition of our needs, and benefits from lots of soothing. I’ve been doing a lot of breathing these past two weeks as we move forward with these transitions.

This September make sure you take some time to breath mindfully, go to bed an hour earlier, be in the present, read a good book, join a Block Therapy or Pilates class, have a massage, journal your thoughts, eat a healthy meal, create positive affirmations, listen to music, do yoga, cuddle your animals or loved ones, and make your physical and mental health your priority. Our job isn’t to keep things the same and be comfortable all the time, our job is to recognize our discomfort through the transitions and soothe along the way!

– Jenn