Snowy Weekend at Lead

As we draw through the middle of March (the Ides just passed), I watch these continuing snowfalls with something less than enthusiasm. But, what I am enthusiastic about is my time at Lead. Even on the days when I think about skipping or cancelling, or try to talk myself into a good excuse for doing either one of those things, all I have to do is get there and I am reminded of why I am glad that even if it means clearing a car of a foot of snow and driving on icy, snowy, and rutted streets, it is so worth it to come to class.

My weekend routine lately has been TRX and Restore (Sat morning), R&R (Sunday), and Essentrics (also Sunday). If I didn’t already know on Saturday what a great workout I got on Saturday in TRX with Carly I certainly realize it on Sunday when Jenn puts us through some of those “nice” releases that find all the worked out spots from Saturday. Today was especially fun as we got in a few laughs (maybe laughs so we don’t cry) with a really fun group in the class. I think Jenn almost had a few tears she was laughing hard at one point.

What I definitely know is I have to get back to my regular rolling out of my legs again. I was doing it at home etc for a while and it was awesome I could even do my IT bands with my legs stacked. Boy today I wasn’t even close to that – so the ITs will be getting some working over this week.
The TRX has really been doing great things for me learning to really keep my core engaged. I think out of anything else I might get from that class the core work and keeping it turned on has been very important. Of course I also realized during Essentrics that I think my triceps must have been worked over well too.
Essentrics today was with Chrissy who I haven’t had class with for quite a long time. It was funny, as she worked with some folks on the equipment before Essentrics I complemented her on the absolutely stunning pics she has been posting on Facebook. Lo and behold, one of the people on the equipment was her photographer – funny little world we have that throws such interesting coincidences as us all the time.

But I admit that my shoulders, triceps, and butt sure felt some moments of sadness about having class with Chrissy again. I realized after the triceps work that it must also have been a bit from TRX as well but the stretch with the elbow over the head was, well let’s just call it “incredible”, I seriously wanted to cry. So I guess it worked out a bit, sneaky, tricky Essentrics loading all that work into such innocent, innocuous looking movements. But seriously I must ask how it is fair to do a shoulder song followed by an arms song???

Well folks all I know is that despite the wind and snow pelting into my ears and covering my hair I am very glad I went this weekend.

P.S I chickened out on my challenge to everyone last post, so it is back on the menu as my self challenge for this week.