So Thankful

Yesterday I had walk run group where Jana filled in and pushed me just enough so I felt awesome that I did well but not so hard that I wanted to roll over and die. Good little fartlek (which I love that name but to me it is basically just a particular type of interval walk/run). Then some jump board. I followed that up with TRX class where Carly definitely had me working really hard as well but again within the bounds of feeling good.

So today I went and was helping a family member out by trying to work out a few of the terrible muscle knots she has in her shoulder and back. The great thing is that I was able to share with her a few of the bits of information I have learned over time at Lead, things about fascia and muscles etc.

After trying to help her with some of my very amateur massage I then took some time to show her a few of the exercises and stretches I have learned that I thought would help her out a lot. It was incredible to see the look on her face as she experienced the unique strangeness of the neurological stretch where you put your arms out and press through the heels of your hands.

I showed her a few other things as well, the pinky ball against the wall for the shoulder. That one I think will definitely do some good for her tight shoulders. Nevermind the amazed look she had after rolling her foot out on the pinky ball for a minute then just putting her foot on the ground and feeling the difference that makes.

Seeing her try these things and seeing how challenging they were for her I couldn’t help but be thankful for what my body can do for me – I can’t run a 5K (yet) and there are things I wish hurt less etc. But boy oh boy am I blessed with what I have. And I have been really lucky to have all the great learning and working experiences I have had at Lead, for me, and for my ability to share some of them with others sometimes. Both of those things feel darned good, and really worth being thankful for.