Spaghetti Legs and Finding SOME Form

Well Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday – I left that class feeling like I was walking on some overcooked spaghetti.  My legs after using the orbits in class just felt like goo, I am surprised I could walk to the bus stop LOL.  Then the next day I was walking out in that crazy wind, which was pushing me around and I was groaning because those formerly spaghetti legs (read inner thigh – top connector area) were not so wobbly anymore – they were instead feeling a pretty significant youch factor.

So my advice to anyone in Jana’s mat classes, if those orbits come out and Jana mentions inner thighs be prepared for a day or 3 of recovery time!

Today was beginner equipment and it was an exercise in keeping some form and finding work in different ways. The one thing poor Tanis had to keep reminding me of is keeping my pelvis the right way during the foot work and other similar stuff – the cue of sitting the sitz bones (spelling???) on the mirror really helps although some days I feel like it needs to be on a repeating loop on the radio to remind me to do it.  But it was interesting that I really do find such a difference in the nature of the work when I do it with that internal intention.  It still, after a year and a half, sometimes surprises me to again be reminded of how different a move can be when all we change is a slight intention in our bodies.  Amazing really.

And, I guess just to be fun Tanis did have us do a little bit of stuff that worked the inner legs, but thankfully I actually think it helped to get mine eased up a bit and loosened the tight muscles somewhat.  So that is a great thing (even though I kind of cringed at the thought of doing inner thigh stuff at first!).