Spring is in the air …. or is that sweat?

Hello Pilates Enthusiasts,

Jana’s booty barre class was amazing tonight – fun, challenging and full of great tips.  She mentioned being inspired by the conference she just attended – and enjoying the opportunity to sit back and learn from others. That is how I feel at Lead Pilates every time I come!

Jana’s enthusiasm, and the spring air, have inspired me to check in with you today to give you an update on my amazing fitness journey. I have two months left in my pilates experiment (I did extend it by 8 weeks because of my broken ankle!) but I can give you a sneak peak:  20 lbs lighter, 2 sizes smaller, food cravings under control, and super-sized strength (5 pound weights in booty barre … no problem!).   I can hardly wait until the end of May to do a full fitness assessment comparison!

See you at the studio, and don’t forget to register for the Spring/Summer session!

Getting Fit at Lead Pilates