Welcome to the Fall Session Pilates Friends,

Don’t you love the beginning of a new season of Pilates?  It is a perfect time to reflect on your progress and re-establish or revise your Pilates-related goals!

As I’ve been reflecting on my goals, I’ve been intrigued by the concept of stability.  The instructors this week have been spending a lot of time reviewing stability, as it relates to Pilates, and how sometimes it takes just as much strength and effort to stabilize your body, as it does to move it (and sometimes more).  I  thought, wow, there are some parallels here to a long-term weight-loss/fitness journey.

  • Stability:  The quality or state of something that is not easily moved.    (Parallel:  It is not easy to lose weight)
  • Stability:  The quality of state of something that is not easily changed.  (Parallel:  It is not easy to change bad habits and replace them with healthy ones)
  • Stability:  The strength to stand or endure (Parallel:  Long-term weight loss requires slow, steady, consistent effort)
  • Stability:  The quality or state of someone who is emotionally or mentally healthy  (Parallel:  Long-term weight loss requires that you address emotional aspects of the issue)
  • Stability:  The quality, state or degree of being stable (Parallel:  Achieving and maintaining your weight loss goal)


I feel that I’ve achieved a greater level of stability (physically, mentally, and emotionally) as I’ve moved forward in this weight-loss journey.  It is no longer a race to the finish line so I can get back to my life.  The eating and exercise habits I’ve adopted over the last 6-8 months are ones that I will maintain for the long haul.  This is now part of my life.

Getting Fit (and Stable!)  at Lead Pilates