Stay Healthy with Essentrics

Aside from the many body shaping benefits of Essentrics, there are far more overall health benefits and age defying properties. Various forms of exercise like Essentrics can not only help you to lose weight and have more energy but can also keep you disease-free.

How Essentrics affects our Cardiovascular System…

Muscles are designed to perform as pumps, helping the blood circulate. The continual ‘pumping’ motion of eccentrically moving, rotating and stretching the muscles is why Essentrics is successful as an ant-aging program, keeping cells healthy and full of oxygen. It is also why it is a very effective program for speedy recovery following an injury, surgery or illness.

How Essentrics affects our Digestive System…

The lower digestive tract includes the large and small intestines. Our intestines are designed to move our food through. If our abdominals are weak the intestines do not have strong muscles pushing back against them and they can end up protruding. This also causes inflammation and bloating. Essentrics works to strengthen the abdominal muscles used in digestion, moving waste through efficiently and strengthening these muscles in a lengthened fashion is what creates flat abs.  Essentrics also works to elongate the torso, if we have poor posture our spine is compressed and our shoulders round forward causing blockages in the upper digestive tract which can result in acid reflux and heartburn. Regular practice of Essentrics can help alleviate these symptoms or help to prevent them altogether by keeping the upper body elongated.

How Essentrics affects our Neurological System…

Our neurological system, comprised of our brain and nerves, is the command centre responsible for heating and cooling our bodies, for healing and nourishment and for being able to experience, understand and enjoy life. Research has found that exercise is the best medicine to protect and support your neurological system.

We need to continually stimulate balance reflexes or we lose this ability overtime as we become more reliant on railings or other things to keep us from falling or to maintain an upright position. Essentrics has many different techniques and exercises that challenge the balance reflexes, ensuring that they do not deteriorate overtime. Our brain and mental health is important in keeping our entire body healthy. There is a link between those with recurring depression, and anxiety and then subsequently developing heart disease and/or cancer.  Exercise is a proven antidepressant, helping us relax, focus and concentrate.

– Sabrina,
Certified Instructor

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