Lead Technique

Strength Fundamentals

Join us Friday, November 18 for a FREE technique session.
This will run from 7:00-8:15PM.
Space is limited. Sign-up online or at the front desk.

Have you been in your Pilates class and was curious, but was afraid to ask, if you’re understanding the exercise correctly? We often get many people asking this very question after class, for example, are they doing their push ups correctly? As much as we love getting these questions from clients, we have to wonder how many others are thinking the same thing. This is a big motivator to teach this technique class.


We want our clients to use the proper muscles during the movement, break the habit of performing the exercise incorrectly, increase strength in the exercises, decrease the chance of injury during movement, inside and out of the studio. We also want you to get your questions answered during this class so you can feel more confident in your classes. Some of the exercises we are going to go through are push-ups, squats, planks, lunges, abdominal curls, oblique curls and some restorative exercises to build up to these if you experience joint issues that are restricting your movement.